Here, in alphabetical order, are links to the websites of some of my favourite people. You'll find a lot of superlatives here, but I think they are all well merited. The list should be longer, and in time will be.

I recently got to record with the wonderful saxophonist/flautist Colleen Allen on her eponymous CD. She was kind enough to record a version of my tune "Dawn Song", a composition I dedicated to the great pianist and composer
Don Grolnick who died too young of cancer.

Autorickshaw I've recently been working on a commission, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, for this great group featuring Suba Sankaran, Ed Hanley, Rich Brown, and Patrick Graham.

Steven Cole and Howard Gaul did a great job putting together this website. Steven is also a wonderful guitarist, composer, and leader of his bands Thermal Quartet and the Steven Cole group. Howard is an excellent drummer who doubles on graphic design. He plays in bassist Henry Heillig's band Heillig Manoeuvre, on whose website you can see some of the great CD covers he's designed, including...Crucible.

Bassist Rich Brown is heavy. He plays with too many people to include here, but I will mention his own band named "rinsethealgorithm", one of the best things happening here in Toronto (or for that matter anywhere) in my opinion.
He's on Crucible.

Eliana Cuevas is a Venezuelan-Canadian singer and composer whose CD Venturas I had the pleasure of producing. She is outstandingly talented and seriously dedicated to her craft, as well as being a really wonderful person.

Ian de Souza is a fantastic bassist and computer whiz who, among many other things, is a fundamental part of the unique Toronto band The Sisters Euclid at We were on the road together in the early Pleistocene era and, I'm proud to say, have remained friends ever since.

Joanna de Souza is a marvellous dancer and educator who specializes in the North Indian Kathak tradition. Together with tabla player Ritesh Das, she founded M-DO, which houses the Toronto Tabla Ensemble and Chhandam Dance Company, and which has become an important institution in Toronto's flourishing and diverse cultural scene.

John Findlay is Toronto's secret weapon on guitar. He's on two tracks on Crucible ("Our Old School" and "Back to the Garden"). The guitar playing on these tunes could not have been better, and he got it all down in about an hour and a half without prior rehearsal.

Alan Hetherington is a fantastic Toronto percussionist who was among the first people here to get DEEPLY into Brazilian music. His Escola de Samba de Toronto is an excellent samba group that has been in existence in one form or another since the early 1990s. Alan played on my CD Crucible.

If you hang out with Levon Ichkhanian, not only will he blow your socks off with his passionate and unique playing on guitar, oud, bouzouki, banjitar, etc., etc, etc., he'll keep you laughing with his brilliant storytelling and trademark deadpan humour.

The deservedly ubiquitous George Koller, who played upright bass on several tracks on Crucible, is known as a superb bassist with a unique and instantly recognizable voice on that instrument, but, as if this weren't enough, his talents extend much farther: "As a solo performer, i play bass or cello, guitar, vocals, sitar, dilruba, piano, mandolin,etc...". He's also a fine composer, singer, and producer. Yikes!

Percussionist Rick Shadrach Lazar is a major figure on the Canadian scene. He played on Crucible. I am proud to be the keyboardist of and write tunes for his band The Montuno Police, which has a two-decade long history here in Toronto.

Here's the URL for the site of Rick Lazar's dynamic Samba Squad (with which I have performed and recorded on percussion, keyboards, accordion and vocals).

Toronto's own Maracatu Nunca Antes (maracatu is a long-standing Afro-Brazilian carnival tradition from Recife and Olinda, Pernambuco; "nunca antes" is Portuguese for "never before"), run by Aline Morales, is a great vocal and percussion ensemble with a fantastic energy and groove.

Steve McDade is one of Canada's finest trumpet players. I got to know him when we played together in the seminal world jazz band Manteca during the 1990s. He played the brutally difficult trumpet line on "Our Old School" on Crucible with aplomb. Like a goof, I forgot to mention him in the credits. I'm sure, though, that he's gentleman enough not to achieve payback through frequent citations of the "chipman" incident.

Ravi Naimpally is a fantastic tabla player who leads his own group called Tasa. Ravi played on the cut "The Lion and the Lamb" on Crucible.

My friend Pardal is an American expat living in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He runs a fabulous record store (Cana Brava Records) and has the hippest website (including music and video clips you can check out online) on things Bahian you're likely to encounter.

Yvette Tollar is a wonderful singer and composer. I was lucky enough to have been called on by her to produce her CD Cactus Flowers, which features her own compositions performed by a fabulous cast of musicians. When you arrive at her site, the accordion you hear is played by - yours truly!